RADIANT SOLAR USA was founded on a simple premise. We all want more control over our lives, and we want to save money. Saving money should not just be over the lifetime of the solar system, it should start with the upfront investment you are making. Looking at the insanely high mark up some solar companies are charging, you’d think they were a jewelry store and not a solar company. Saving you money is our focus, and we can do it without compromising quality of material or installation. We’ve installed over 1 million kilowatts of solar and, the way we see it, doing right by our customers will never go out of style. Before paying more than you should, contact RADIANT SOLAR USA. It could save you thousands of dollars on your install.

“Really outstanding performance! It looks to me like we've reduced our usage by about 97% so far."

David W

“The pricing on Radiant Solar beat everyone else. They did a great job explaining everything and arrived on time. Great crew full of our own veterans, which I love. They were all respectful and hardworking! Great experience!”

Jeri H.

“The best deal out of all the solar companies we looked at. They kept us updated as the project progressed and were very informative. Very professional and the installer's attention to aesthetic detail was quite refreshing. I reduced my electric bill from $300 a month to $13 a month.”

Terri L.